After Back Looking The After

20 11 2009

Past, Parents always give advice to keep my healthy. Nowadays, I look my body doesn’t change further more after my parents say that. No matter at all. I live alone tonight, in the dark Purwokerto Town, Civil was Sleep, no hear scream loud from my neighborhood, except me. Sometimes I want to know my future, i want to know my gratitude tomorrow, and i want to accomplishing them since now. I had a hard work, hard study to throw this laziness. Until now, i never looking back what i do in before, and i never know what my future. I just can dream of it. If someday, I know waht must i’ll doing to get my future, as fast as i must to do that. Unfortunately, i still can not catch my future, my dreams. ohh France, After Looking Sicko, i want to go there, with scholarship certainly. If i born as Doraemon, I will looking the after to brought back in my world today. Oh i hope so. This is Just Hoping from me to catch my dream, French, and i will go there 2011. bismillah




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